How to Make Your Own Tomato Plant Hanger


For someone with limited ground space, growing tomatoes doesn't need to be wishful thinking. Tomatoes can be grown as a hanging plant with proper support. To do this you need to make your own tomato plant hanger. You can also use hanging tomatoes for decorative purpose around the patio during the summer and early fall. You can grow any type of vine tomato with this method.

Step 1

Set the bucket on a flat surface with the bottom facing up. Use the measuring tape to find the center of the base. Mark four points, each 1 inch from the center. Use the box cutter to cut a 2-inch hole at the center of the base using the marked points as a guide. Discard the cutout. Use the file to shave off sharp edges around the hole.

Step 2

Turn the bucket on its side. Measure 3 inches from the lip of the bucket and mark the spot. Use the hole punch and hammer to punch a hole into the side at the mark. Turn the bucket ¼ turn on its side and repeat the process. Continue this process until you have four holes equidistant from the top around the sides of the bucket.

Step 3

Thread the twine through a hole from the outside into the inside of the bucket. Bring the threaded end up to where it is even with the other end. Tie the two sides together about 2 inches down from the ends. Repeat this process for the remaining three holes.

Step 4

Remove the tomato plant from the carton. Use the box cutter to cut through the corners of the carton. Peel the sides of the carton away from the tomato plant. Gently take hold of the plant at the base with your thumb and forefinger. Lift the plant with the soil out of the carton. Discard the carton. Position the plant over the paper and shake the dirt off of the roots.

Step 5

Thread the roots through the hole in the base of the bucket. The roots and the base of the plant should be inside the bucket. Lightly pack some newspaper around the base of the plant inside the bucket.

Step 6

Flip the bucket upright and set it on a flat surface off of the ground. Have half of the bucket hanging off the edge with the plant hanging down from the bucket. Place the dirt from the paper around the roots. Fill the remainder of the bucket two-thirds full with potting soil. Keep the soil loose so the roots get air.

Step 7

Water the soil with the watering can thoroughly. Continue watering until you see water dripping out the bottom of the bucket. This will ensure the tomato plant has enough moisture to start with.

Step 8

Hang the bucket on a steady beam or horizontal pole. Tie the twine around the pole to support the tomato plant and hanger.

Things You'll Need

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Box cutter
  • Twine
  • Tomato plant
  • Newspaper
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can


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