Backyard Oasis Ideas

A backyard space, small or large, that is accessible and filled with colorful plants, beckons you outdoors. These places are a private respite after a long day and your own private haven. You can transform an unused backyard into a private oasis for outdoor living and dining. For comfort, add lounge chairs to relax on. Provide shade to your oasis and bring in an outdoor umbrella or cloth awning. Both provide a cool spot to watch your backyard space grow and evolve.


Transform your backyard into an inviting oasis with a vine-covered pergola. A pergola creates a shady spot to your backyard and is ideal for outdoor living and dining. To create a green roof to the pergola, plant fast-growing and hardy vines around the posts to weave up and over the pergola. Hardy vines like grapevines, jasmine and morning glories are all rambunctious growers and will have your space looking lush in no time. Along the pergola, add colorful accents by planting perennial flowers around the perimeter of the pergola. Perennial blooms like a row of daylilies or coneflowers provide bursts of color to the landscape. These blooms are hardy and drought resistant. Under the pergola, bring in an outdoor patio set to use for dining al fresco.

Water Feature

Create a focal point in the backyard by adding a water feature. Water features in a backyard evoke a calm and serene feeling to your oasis. There are many types of water features to choose from, depending upon your backyard size and design ideas. A small container fountain or garden pond instantly updates the look of the landscape. For added accents around the water fountain, bring in colorful blooms to showcase the space and play off of the water feature. If the feature is located in a full sun area of the backyard, bring in native plants that are more tolerable of drought and disease. Hardy and tough perennials like black-eyed Susans are unthirsty plants that you won't have to worry about.

Stone Path

Make the backyard space accessible and inviting with a stone path. Stones such as flagstone and slate are durable and transform the backyard space into a meandering oasis. Use the stone path to lead to the backyard pergola and to other areas around the yard. Along the sides of the path, plant fragrant blooms like lavender and thyme to provide a sweet fragrance as you brush by. In between a stone path, plant creeping ground covers like moss or blue star creeper for a lush and contrasting design to the path.

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