Yellow Indoor Flowering Plants

Yellow indoor flowering plants offer a ray of sunshine during the bleak days of winter. There are numerous yellow flowering plants to choose from that do well when grown indoors as houseplants; however, some do not bloom during the winter months. Abutilon, bougainvillea and jasmine not only thrive in container culture but the yellow flowers bloom year-round as long as the plant receives adequate light, water and fertilizer.


The flowering maple, or parlor maple, abutilon "Bartley Schwartz," is a wonderful choice for growing in hanging baskets due to its trailing habitat. These easy-to-care for plants have been popular since the Victorian days and are the perfect choice for a first-time gardener seeking yellow indoor flowering plants. Abutilon requires high levels of light, so put them in a south-facing window or under grow lights to keep them blooming year-round. They are heavy feeders, especially when grown in pots. Signs that these yellow indoor flowering plants are not getting an adequate amount of fertilizer are light-colored leaves or leaf drop. Abutilons are hardy in USDA zone 8 and higher.


Bougainvillea "Delta Dawn" has variegated leaves and golden-yellow colored flowers. To encourage year-round flowering, keep the temperatures no lower than 60 degrees F and allow the soil to dry enough between watering that the foliage begins to wilt slightly. Selectively prune bougainvillea to keep them compact. The flowers form on the tips of the branches so unless you want to discourage flowering, do not prune the entire plant all at once. Grow bougainvillea outdoors year-round in USDA zone 9 and higher.


Several varieties of jasmine qualify as yellow indoor flowering plants. Jasmine parkeri and Jasmine humile revolutum are two of the most popular varieties for container culture. Both varieties are hardy to USDA zone 8. Grown for their highly fragrant flowers, jasmine plants prefer full to part sun and require frequent fertilization during active growth. Prune after each flush of flowers is finished to keep the plants compact. Jasmine parkeri is a dwarf shrub that when full grown is only 10 inches tall. This particular variety blooms during the spring and summer. It needs four to six weeks of 40 degree F temperatures to stimulate flowering, which will not occur until the day length begins to increase. Jasmine humile revolutum is an ever-bloomer. Grow this variety on a trellis if possible. When grown, the still-stemmed vine will be 2 feet long.

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