The Best Indeterminate Tomato Varieties for Growing Upside Down

Growing tomatoes upside down can save space if you have a limited outdoor area to garden or live in an apartment with only a balcony or terrace. Upside-down containers require conscientious watering and fertilizing because the soil containers are small and work best planted with varieties that do not grow over large. Determinate varieties are smaller, but some indeterminate varieties will do well in containers.

Cherry Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are prized for their grapelike clusters and flavor. Grape tomatoes are a very early and hardy tomato as well and can withstand both very hot and very cold conditions. Red Fig and Mexico Midget are other heirlooms that are prolific producers of tiny tomatoes, perfect for salads. Husky Cherry Red VF is a new hybrid dwarf indeterminate that never grows above 4 feet in height. The Husky tomato is also available in a pink and a gold form, though they are not thought to be as sweet as the red variety.

Canning & Drying Tomatoes

Tee Mo Or is a good canning tomato of medium size (6- to 8-oz. red fruits) that are also excellent for salads. Egg is another low grower that does well for canning and drying. It is red and has a plum shape. One x Six is a banana-shaped tomato with thick walls and few seeds, perfect for canning or drying. Red October is another good canner.

Medium Slicers

Better Bush Improved VFN hybrid is a newer variety specifically created to incorporate the small size of a determinate with the long season and flavor of an indeterminate. It produces 3 to 4 oz. red fruits. Heartland is another dwarf variety, introduced back in 1985. It grows only 3 to 4 feet tall. It is both prolific and full flavored, or try the open-pollinated Eva---only 18 to 24 inches tall! Quick Pick VFNTA , Early Cascade VF and Early Girl V, though not dwarf varieties, are relatively low growing and produce well. Mr. Tartar's German Tomato is a 4-foot tall heirloom oxheart variety.

Beefsteak Varieties

Believe-it-or-Not is a large, red, open-pollinated variety producing fruits more than 1 lb., just right for sandwiches on plants rarely exceeding 4 feet in height. Wes is technically an oxheart shape, but the large fruits still work for slicing. It is a good mid-season variety. Persimmon is an interesting beefsteak in that it can be either lime green, orange or yellow. It is has a meaty, creamy texture and works well in sauces.

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