Plants That Accent Stone Walls

Stone walls, whether part of your home or a garden border, can beautify your landscape and become part of the decor scheme both indoors and outdoors. In addition to statuary and lighting to beautify your stone walls, you can incorporate various plants to accent them. From vining foliage to vibrant flora, stone walls and plants go together perfectly for landscaping and home decor.


Better known as the flamingo flower, anthurium is a delicate but striking plant that prefers a moist, shaded area where its finespun petals and foliage are shielded from the sun's harsh rays. It's identified by its tall, spike-like stem that produces a vibrant lily-like bright pink flower. It prefers warm weather and full shade so it can produce its attractive blossoms, and it makes a wonderful bordering plant to accent a garden stone wall. There are many varieties of the flamingo flower that include hybrids that produce flowers that range from white and yellow to fuchsia and deep crimson red. When growing flamingo flowers, prepare the soil to match its needs. Peat moss, kitchen compost and earthworms enrich any soil type for the flamingo flower. Anthurium is ordinarily a house plant but thrives excellently in warm, moist climates as an outdoor annual.

Cypress Vine

Also known as cardinal vine or star glory, the cypress vine is a hardy vining plant related to the morning glory. The vines can reach lengths more than 10 feet, producing numerous small flowers that vary in color from white and yellow to pink, purple and red. Many cypress vine varieties that are purchased from gardening shops produce a rainbow of colored blooms, each flower being a different color. Cypress vines can be grown virtually anywhere, as long as they have plenty of shade and humus-rich soil. The cypress vine is tolerant of drought conditions and frost but will grow only as an annual in cold climates. When planted against a stone wall, outdoors, the cypress vine enhances the look with its thick vines, luscious foliage and brightly colored petals.


Wallflowers are shrub-like perennial herbs that vaguely resemble lavender. Instead of producing long, spike-like flowers like lavender, they produce several fragrant, wide and velvety flowers of varying color schemes. Wallflowers will grow in virtually any soil and will thrive in both full shade and full sunlight. Growing it against a garden wall, outdoors, will beautify the stone wall and yard in which it sits. It can be propagated from seed and grown as easily as sunflowers, or it can be propagated by plant cuttings from a mature wallflower.

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