How to Identify the Leaf of a Birch Tree


Birch trees are found in several varieties, including the black or sweet birch, European or white birch, paper birch, river birch and yellow birch. Despite these different varieties, the leaves are extremely similar. When you're attempting to identify the leaf of a birch tree, bring along a tree guidebook with pictures to help in the identification process. You can purchase or borrow a guidebook at your county agricultural extension office or your local library.

Step 1

Look for dark-green leaves that are not lobed to identify the birch. The leaves should be broad and flat.

Step 2

Identify the black birch leaves by looking at its overall shape. The leaf should be symmetrical at the base, not wedged, and ovular, narrowing at the tip.

Step 3

Study the leaf margins to identify the birch. The edges should have fine double "teeth," with small teeth between the larger ones.

Step 4

Identify the birch leaf by its proportions. The leaf should be twice as long as it is wide.

Things You'll Need

  • Tree guidebook


  • What Tree Is It? Identify by Common Name
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