How to Make Pressed Flower Cards


Pressed flowers are a fun and simple craft that even small children will enjoy taking part in. Once your flowers are neatly pressed, you can feature them on various pieces of paper art. One of the most useful pieces that you can create with pressed flowers is a set of greeting cards. Use this custom stationery to keep in touch with family and friends, or create a full set for party invitations. Five to 10 handmade pressed flower cards also make a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys keeping in touch with a meaningful handwritten note.

Step 1

Select a variety of small flowers and leaves to use on your cards. Arrange the flowers on a clean sheet of white paper, a piece of tissue paper or a coffee filter. Once you have them laying flat in the position that you want to press them in, set a second piece of paper or another coffee filter on top and press the flowers between the pages of a heavy book.

Step 2

Remove the flowers from the book when they are completely dry. This usually takes one to two weeks, depending on the thickness of the flower.

Step 3

Lay a blank note card flat on a clean work surface. Carefully arrange the flowers how you want them to appear on the card. Take note of the order in which the flowers are layered. Mark their placement very lightly in pencil underneath the flowers as you remove them, to help you remember where they go.

Step 4

Cover the surface of the card where you will be placing the flowers with a thin layer of glue using a glue stick. If you need to erase any pencil marks, do so before you have applied the glue. The pencil marks should only be in areas that will be covered by the flowers and leaves.

Step 5

Place the flowers onto the card. Press down very lightly to affix them to the glue. Let the flowers sit for a few minutes so the glue can dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6

Peel the backing off of a sheet of self-laminating paper. Lay the paper on top of your finished card to preserve the flowers. Set the laminating paper down very carefully, pressing air out of bubbles from the center outward.

Step 7

Trim the excess laminating paper from the card. If you have trouble cutting the laminating paper to the exact size of the card, fold the last half inch of the paper over the edges and affix it to the opposite side of the card.

Tips and Warnings

  • As you press the flowers, they may stain the surrounding paper. If you are pressing them in a special book, surround the flowers with several sheets of scrap paper on both sides to protect the book's pages.

Things You'll Need

  • Cut flowers
  • Paper
  • Heavy book
  • Blank note cards
  • Glue stick
  • Self-laminating paper


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