Indoor Plants That Produce Oxygen

All plants produce oxygen as a waste product during photosynthesis, but some produce more than others. Several species of indoor houseplants are known to enrich and clean the air, contributing to the health of humans sharing their environment.

Christmas Cactus

Most outdoor and indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day while they photosynthesize. At night, they absorb some degree of oxygen and release a bit of CO2 while they live off stored fuel. Christmas cactus and certain other species of cactii, however, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during the night. This makes them ideal indoor houseplants to place in your bedroom, since their fresh oxygen can nourish you while you sleep.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are also great indoor houseplants that produce oxygen more at night than during the day. In addition, they clean the air quite efficiently. Snake plants can also grow in a variety of light levels, and do not require much watering or other care. They are great plants to improve indoor air quality even if you have a brown thumb.


According to, three species of Philodendrons were rated by NASA as among the top houseplants for cleaning air (heartleaf philodendron was the top), making this a plant that is definitely good for your health. With broad, lush, leafy foliage, the philodendron is also an indoor plant that will amply produce oxygen while it filters out common household pollutants. If you are a health-conscious grower looking to improve your environment and add some lush greenery to your room, this is an excellent indoor houseplant to choose.

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