How to Grow Hyacinth in Water


Forcing spring-blooming bulbs indoors can brighten the dreary days of winter. Hyacinth bulbs are one of the more popular and easy to grow and bloom indoors. Growing your hyacinth bulb in water for early blooming lets you watch as it develops and blooms. Once blooming, your hyacinth will fill your room with fragrance and color, breaking the gloom of winter.

Using a Hyacinth Glass Container

Step 1

Select high-quality, large hyacinth bulbs. The bulb contains the energy to produce a spectacular bloom, so better quality, large bulbs are preferred. If you intend to mail order your hyacinth bulbs, do so by August so the bulbs arrive by October.

Step 2

Fill your hyacinth glass container to the tapered neck with water. There should be one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch between the water and the base of the bulb.

Step 3

Place your hyacinth bulb in the top, wide mouth of the glass container, checking that the base of the bulb is not touching the surface of the water. The roots will naturally grow into the water in time.

Step 4

Place the hyacinth bulb and container in a cool, dark location with a temperature lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Your hyacinth will need to stay in this dark, cool environment for eight to ten weeks.

Step 5

Monitor the growth of your hyacinth bulb every week. When the top growth is about 4 inches, move the bulb and container to a North-facing window to gradually introduce it to light.

Step 6

Move the bulb and container to a little stronger light after a few days, and continue to move it to stronger light every few days. Add water as needed, remembering to keep the bottom of the bulb from making contact with the water surface.

Using a Drinking Glass

Step 1

Insert four toothpicks into your hyacinth bulb, one on each side, creating an X formation.

Step 2

Fill your drinking glass with enough water so the water level is just below the bottom of the hyacinth bulb, but not touching the bulb.

Step 3

Place the hyacinth bulb into the opening of the glass so that the protruding toothpicks rest on the rim of the glass, supporting the bulb.

Step 4

Place the bulb and drinking glass in a cool, dark location. Follow the same directions in section one and steps four through six.

Things You'll Need

  • Hyacinth bulb
  • Hyacinth glass container or drinking glass
  • Toothpicks


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