How to Care for a Potted Hybrid Lily


Stores and garden centers display numerous Easter lily plants every spring. The Easter lily is one type of hybrid lily. These symbolic plants produce fragrant white flowers on long stems. Oriental lilies and Asiatic lilies are the two main types of hybrid lilies. Some varieties of hybrid lilies add fragrance and color to houseplant collections various times of the year. Potted hybrid lilies require care during blossoming and dormancy to ensure healthy plants.

Step 1

Press your finger into the potting soil of your hybrid lily as soon as you receive it. Do this to check for dryness. Water immediately if the soil feels crumbly to the touch. Check the bottom of your pot for drainage holes. Hybrid lilies require good drainage. Cut away decorative wrappers or packing materials that block the drainage holes. Place your hybrid lily on a drip tray to catch excess water. Allow soil to dry out slightly before watering again.

Step 2

Put your hybrid lily in a sunny location. These potted plants require maximum exposure to light. Select a southern or eastern window to display your hybrid lily. Maintain a moderate temperature. Keep the daytime temperature between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing your hybrid lily near heating ducts and fireplaces. Keep out of cold drafts.

Step 3

Snip off wilted blossoms to encourage adequate nutrients to new buds and blossoms. Care for your potted lily by removing the long yellow anthers from the center of the blossoms, before the dusty pollen falls and stains the blossoms or surrounding items. Continue to care for your hybrid lily after the flowering season by providing water and sunlight. Apply a slow-release fertilizer formulated for lilies every six weeks to ensure the adequate amounts of nutrients. Follow all instructions on the label when applying fertilizer.

Step 4

Cut the stems back after the plant completes its flowering cycle and stems and leaves show signs of wilting. Cleanly remove the stems near the surface of the soil with sharp scissors. Continue to water your hybrid lily to keep the soil slightly moist. Watch for new growth and blossoms to appear again in the summer or the following spring. A few hybrid lilies produce blossoms in early spring and in summer, although most bloom only once a year.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Drip tray
  • Slow-release fertilizer


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