How to Decorate With Dried Bamboo


The place of bamboo in interior design and decor goes back generations in Asia and in many other cultures where people grow bamboo. In many ways, bamboo decor has been a function of practicality--shelves, chairs or tables were made from it--but simple arrangements of dried bamboo were developed for aesthetic and symbolic use. One popular use of bamboo is as an arrangement of canes similar to a floral arrangement that can work to accent a wide range of decors, depending on the color and texture of the bamboo canes and the color and texture of the pot or basket that holds the canes. Bamboo garden edging also will enhance any home.

Dried Bamboo Arrangements

Step 1

Place the bamboo loosely in your vase or container. Start with three canes--it's easier than working with a larger number. As you get a feel for how they work together, add more canes to vary the design. The canes can be any length you like and do not all need to be the same length. If you would like to cut the canes, use a fine, sharp saw like a coping saw or Japanese back saw.

Step 2

Make a tripod out of the three pieces of bamboo and move them around until you find angles that you like. Make a mental note of the positioning and angles.

Step 3

Loosely wrap twine around the spot where the three canes met. Tie off the twine.

Step 4

Reposition the canes to the angles in Step 2. The twine secures the canes in position so the arrangement may be used inside a vase or may stand on its own without the vase, for a different look.

Step 5

Slip another cane into the loosely tied twine to create a different arrangement whenever you feel the desire to change it. When you have more canes, removing one can move the arrangement back toward simplicity.

Bamboo Lawn & Garden Edging

Step 1

Cut long bamboo canes into 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch lengths, using a saw.

Step 2

Sink the three pieces 3 to 4 inches into the soil around the lawn or garden to be edged. You may be able to use your hands to press the bamboo into loose soil, if the bamboo has a relatively small diameter. For harder soil, or larger-diameter pieces, you may need to loosen the soil with a hand shovel.

Step 3

Start with a 6-inch piece of bamboo. Follow it with an 8-inch piece and then a 12-inch piece to create a stair-step look. Continue with an 8-inch piece and then a 6-inch piece to create an up-and-down pattern. Repeat this pattern for your edging.

Things You'll Need

  • Dried bamboo canes
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • String or twine
  • Complementary colored twine
  • Vase, basket, or vessel
  • Hand shovel


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