Herbs and Growing Ideas

Herbs are green plants that are grown and used in a variety of beneficial ways. Herbs are used as flavor for cooking, as tea leaves and for medicinal purposes. Most herbs are very easy to grow, and so are grown by many home gardeners. Because they are so easy to grow, herbs are grown in a number of ways, depending on a gardener's preferences.

Container Gardens

Herbs grow easily in containers. Gardeners can move the containers around in the yard to protect the plants from inclement weather. According to EdibleContainerGardening.com, herb container gardens are also suited to indoor growing. If local weather is extreme--or if you like the ease of having herbs near the stove--place herb containers indoors near sunny windows.


Herbs with large and woody growth eventually become bushes. Plants like rosemary and savory grow up to 3 feet high. Planted close to one another, these large herb plants serve as both hedges and edible plants. Regular pruning encourages new, fuller growth.

As Ground Cover

Prolific-growing herbs serve as ground cover in garden beds. Herbs like chamomile and all members of the mint family spread quickly and evenly across a garden bed. Be forewarned, however. Minty herbs choke small plants and seedlings to death, and spread into the lawn if they are not contained with garden borders.

Tea Garden

Group herbs that are used for a herbal teas into a herbal tea garden bed. Plant a variety of herbs that help with different ailments. Mints are good for upset stomach. Mulein is known to help with respiratory ailments. Chamomile soothes nerves and relieves stress. For best results, plant herbs in separate containers to avoid cross-flavoring and spreading.

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