How to Cut Tall Fescue


Proper tall fescue grass care is essential to having a healthy lawn. Proper grass care includes following good watering and fertilizing schedules. However, there is another very important step--proper mowing technique. In order to have a sustainable, healthy lawn, tall fescue grass must be mowed at the correct height and at the correct frequency. Failure to do so will result in a unhealthy, stressed lawn.

Step 1

Prepare your lawn mower for the job at hand. Check the oil and gas levels. Check the lawn mower blade to see that it is sharp. Lawn mower blades should be sharpened or replaced at least yearly.

Step 2

Make sure the lawn is dry before cutting. Mowing wet tall fescue grass can introduce disease and fungus to the lawn, especially young seedlings.

Step 3

Cut your tall fescue grass at 2 inches high. You should raise this height a little higher during dry summer periods. Also, in areas of heavy shade the grass benefits from a higher cutting height.

Step 4

Cut your tall fescue grass again once it reaches 3 inches in height. By doing this, each time you cut you'll be removing one-third of the grass blade. This is the maximum you want to cut off at a given time.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower


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