Xeriscape Ideas for the Front Lawn

Xeriscape is a term that was coined in the 1980s. The term "xeri" comes from the Greek word, "xeros," which means "dry." Xeriscaping is the method of using plants with low-water needs to landscape a yard. Xeriscaping helps homeowners save money on garden upkeep and water costs. Xeriscaping is not limited to backyards. There are xeriscaping ideas that are used in front lawns, as well.


Buffalo grass is a fine, deep green grass. The blades are thin and narrow. Blades of Buffalo grass grow to a height of up to 6 inches, but its fine texture causes it to bend over, reducing its height appearance. Buffalo grass thrives in hot climates, and requires very little water. To use Buffalo grass in you front yard, water the soil, and spread Buffalo grass seed. Water lightly every other day, until the seeds germinate.


Trees that are native to the southern United States have adapted themselves to grow in low water conditions. Use trees such as mesquite, live oak, and palm trees in your xeriscaped front lawn. These trees will thrive and remain green with limited water.


Instead of planting garden beds with flowering annuals that require a great deal of water, fill your garden beds with succulents and cacti. These plants are native to the desert plains, and prefer dry soil and hot, arid conditions. If you want some color in your garden beds, select blooming cacti that give off flowers in vibrant shades of pink, yellow, orange and red.

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