What Flowers Bloom in January?

Flowers that bloom in January provide a welcome uplift to your landscape during winter months. According to the Oregon State University Extension Program, winter flowers typically have a light to moderate fragrance. Many January flowers yield vibrant colors, which makes them perfect for a winter wedding or to spruce up a dining room table.


Honeysuckle's light, sweet aroma makes it a popular scent for beauty and bath products. The fragrance attracts evening moths for pollination and other animals. Stay away from the brilliant red berries, because they are poisonous to humans. Honeysuckle produces white, tubular flowers that hold sweet nectar at the bottom of the tube. Add raw flowers to a salad, blanch for a vegetable or steep for an herbal tea. Native to Asia, the Honeysuckle grows a long vine. Many gardeners view this plant as a weed because it can overpower trees and shrubs.

Kaffir Lily

The Kaffir Lily produces brilliant pink or bright red blossoms from November to January. Dark green leaves fan upwards from the bulb to frame and showcase the 2-inch, trumpet-shaped cluster of flowers in the center. Kaffir Lily prefers evening sun or low-light areas with a container that has well-drained soil and plenty of room for its bulb and root systems. It's also a favorite of indoor gardeners.


Hellebores, nicknamed Christmas roses, are a winter favorite. However, they are not a member of the Rose family. Hellebore flowers contain five petals that are often mistaken for wild roses. According to the Oregon State University Extension program, They are so popular that horticulturists expanded the range of colors. Hellebores are no longer just green and white; you can find them in shades of purples, reds and almost black. Hellebore roots are highly toxic, potentially causing cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. Never use Hellebore for herbal or medicinal or any other purpose.

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