How to Winterize a Strawberry Pot


A joy to many strawberry growers is the convenience of growing fresh strawberries in a strawberry pot. A strawberry pot doesn't take up much room on a deck or patio and can support more than one plant within the same planter. Not only does this make the ripe strawberries easy to harvest, but it also makes wintertime chores simple. To winterize a strawberry pot all you need are a few simple garden supplies. Because you want your strawberries to experience dormancy, but not freeze to death, basic protection is all your strawberry pot requires.

Step 1

Transfer your pot, provided it is easy to lift, to a garden shed, barn or carport to protect it from the elements in winter. If you don't have a covered area, move the pot to at least rest along an exterior wall of your house.

Step 2

Clear away any dead leaves and debris around the plant to prepare it for winter. As the plant "dies back" you'll know which leaves are dormant and which ones are dead as the dead ones will be brown and crunchy.

Step 3

Cover the plants and any surface soil along each of the holes of the strawberry planter with 4 inches of mulch after the first frost. This will help insulate the plants and protect them from completely freezing.

Step 4

Place a black plastic bag over the planter and bring the open edges down to the base of the planter. Set large rocks or any other heavy items over the edges of the bag to help anchor it and hold it down over the planter.

Step 5

Wait until nighttime temperatures start to stay above 30 degrees Fahrenheit in late winter and early spring before removing the bag and gently taking away the layer of much so the leaves aren't covered.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Black plastic trash bag
  • Large rocks, bricks, or boards


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