Ceramic Garden Projects

Ceramic garden projects such as fountains, stepping stones and birdbaths add vibrant color to the landscape year-round. Ceramic tiles, planters and urns are durable for outdoor use and fit in well with many garden designs. Transform old garden structures or create new ones with these simple-to-make ceramic projects.

Mosaic Birdbath

Cover a concrete birdbath with a ceramic tile mosaic to add color and style to your landscape. Mosaic tile birdbath projects are most often in a free-form design style due to the narrow post and the curvatures in the birdbath bowl. Make the free-form mosaic by spreading a thin layer of thinset over small sections of the concrete birdbath. It's best to work in small sections so that you can press the ceramic tiles into the mortar as you go. Space the ceramic tiles about 1/4 inch apart to allow for the grout.

Ceramic Wall Fountain

Another type of mosaic garden project you can make with ceramic tiles is a wall fountain. Wall fountains may also be either a free-form or a patterned design. To make a mosaic pattern with mosaic tiles, outline the design onto a sheet of concrete backer board or marine plywood. Fill in the design outline in small sections to create the image or the pattern. Remember to leave an opening for the fountain spout in the center of the mosaic. Hang the wall fountain on a garden wall, or brace it against a garden fence. A rectangular ceramic planter works as a reservoir for the wall fountain.

Stepping Stones

Make your own concrete stepping stones, decorate them with ceramic tile and position them in the garden. This project also requires a mold for the stepping stones; purchase a plastic mold from the craft store, or make your own from the bottom of a plastic milk jug. Press the ceramic tiles into the stones before the mortar sets.

Ceramic Fountains

Transform a decorative ceramic urn into an elegant fountain for the garden. This simple project requires a submersible fountain pump with a fountain head extension. The fountain head fits over the spout of the submersible pump and extends to the top of the ceramic urn. When the pump is on, water will bubble or spray from the head extension. Ceramic planters are also good choices for garden fountains. You can stack two or three to make a tiered fountain, have one flow into another or create a single-planter fountain like the urn fountain described above.

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