What Flowers Bloom at the End of April?

One might not expect blooming flowers at the end of April due to harsh weather conditions. Wildflower tours at lower mountain elevations are popular as the weather warms. The blossoming period for these plants is often short before they go dormant during the spring and summer months. Time your vacations or one-day outings just right and you will find these on hiking trails, scenic overlooks and along roadsides.

White Trillium

The White Trillium flowers' blooming cycles begin in February and finish toward the end of April. They are popular in the Great Smoky Mountains and thrive in moist, organic-rich soil. The initial flowers are white and turn to a light pink before the plant goes dormant in May. There are three flower petals with the brilliant yellow stamens in the center. Hikers and other park enthusiasts find White Trillium at lower elevations.

Indian Warrior

The perennial Indian Warrior plant is native to western North America. Pedicularis Denisflora is the scientific name for this popular lower-elevation mountain plant. The roots are gathered and smoked for its calming and hallucinogenic effects. The leaves on the Indian Warrior look similar to many houseplant ferns. The spiky flowers are a light orange to scarlet red. The Indian Warrior thrives by living off the root system of other plants for both nutrients and water.


The perennial Bloodroot plant is native to eastern North America and part of the Poppy family. Sanguinaria Canadenis is the scientific name. Bloodroot is identifiable by its single, long leaf that wraps around a bright white flower. The sap or extract of the root of this plant is brilliant red. This plant blooms only for a few days, causing it to be hard for gardeners to pollinate. According to Absoluteastronomy, the FDA approved the commercial use of Bloodroot extract in low-levels for toothpaste and mouthwashes. Skin cancer patients treat lesions and tumors with a salve made from the extract of this plant. Research shows the salves cause permanent scarring and even disfigurement, according to Absoluteastronomy. There is controversy about the use of Bloodroot extract since the Native Americans used it for a variety of medicinal purposes. Historical records indicate that colonists often used Bloodroot to cure warts. Aside from its medicinal uses, Bloodroot is popular for its use as an organic natural dye.

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