Arizona Desert Landscaping Ideas

You've just moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and are stunned at the summer weather conditions. Dry and hot as an oven, you already know that your sensitive Southern blossoming beauties will not stand a chance. Thankfully, even the Valley of the Sun has many beautiful plants that can provide a stunning visual appeal to any landscape.


When thinking of cactus, the first thing that comes to many people's minds is tall saguaros with bare sand and skulls underneath. What one doesn't imagine are uniquely shaped dark and emerald-green wonders with deep pink and blue flowers. In recent years, botanists have created various hybrids of the barrel cactus. These hybrids include varieties that grow to various sizes, shapes and produce different blooms. For example, the fishhook barrel cactus produces bright orange flowers that look a little like coral blossoms.


If desiring a showy yard with vivid colors, use flowering drought-resistant shrubs. The Red Bird of Paradise creates blooms that are so showy and bright that you would almost wonder if the bush were not on fire. If cooler colors are your preference, the Chaparral Sage blooms yearly with deep purple spears of flowers. Finally, for those who prefer a lush green hedge, the Mount Lemon Marigold is thick and remains green year-round, blooming with white daisy-like flowers in November through January.


Even those in the desert can have stunning trees, that, unlike those found throughout the country, are extremely hardy and drought resistant as well. If desiring shade, the Blue Palo Verde and Argentine mesquite create large areas of shade with their thick, leafy foliage. For a more showy appearance, the chaste tree blooms annually with spikes of purple flowers, and the sweet acacia, which grows to roughly 20 feet tall, blossoms with golden yellow flowers.

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