Plants With Desert Blooms

Plants grow naturally in a variety of climates and conditions. Desert plants not only thrive under intimidating circumstances, they often produce dainty, colorful blossoms. Arid conditions and intense heat prove to be too intense for many varieties of plants. However, certain types of flowering plants prove to be well suited to the desert climate. These plants withstand long periods of drought and heat, often producing delicate flowers in the face of adversity.

Desert Honeysuckle

One desert plant that produces attractive blossoms is the desert honeysuckle, named after the climate it grows in. This is actually a shrub that grows to a height of 6 feet in many areas. The flowers appear between March and June, covering this shrub with long, orange flowers. Hummingbirds pollinate the desert honeysuckle.


The desert includes a variety of cactus plants. All cactus plants have a couple of things in common, such as their ability to store water during droughts and their prickly spines. Cactus plants vary in size. Many types of cactus produce blossoms. One common type of cactus is the hedgehog cactus. These plants grow in clusters, producing brightly colored blossoms from the sides of their stems. The barrel cactus grows flowers at the top of the plant. These unusual desert plants add interest in rock gardens or as an addition to other types of houseplants.

Desert Rose

The desert rose, also called impala lily and mock azalea, thrives in arid, desert conditions. Like cactus, this plant is a succulent, meaning it stores moisture in its roots, leaves and stems. The desert rose requires bright sunlight and soil that provides good drainage. Many people grow this plant as an indoor houseplant. The desert rose lives in its natural climate for many years. As houseplants, the desert rose often reaches 20 years of age. One variety of desert rose, the Adenium arabicum, originates in the Arabian Peninsula. This variety reaches 12 feet in height and almost 3 feet in diameter.

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