How to Kill Moss in a Garden


As with most weeds, mosses form in moist, bare areas of a garden. But unlike most weeds, moss requires expertise to remove. Thankfully, the chemicals used to kill mosses are completely garden safe and in most cases will improve a garden's overall foliage color. Even if moss treatments are applied, however, the moss will return without additional measures.

Step 1

Dilute the moss killing product as directed on the package and mix in a 20-gallon pressurized spray can. Wash your hands after handling the solution to avoid chemical residues and, in this case, stains on your skin.

Step 2

Spray a thin layer of the chemical on moss in late winter or early spring before it has had time to spread.

Step 3

Rake moss out of the garden once it is dead. Avoid raking it across the entire garden to prevent spores from spreading.

Step 4

Sow some groundcover seeds over the area that the moss covered. Some examples are herbs such as dill, mint or parsley or flowers such as lantana or alyssum.

Step 5

Cover the seeds with garden soil and keep the ground moist until the seeds establish.

Things You'll Need

  • Moss killing product containing ferrous ammonium sulfate
  • 20-gallon spray can
  • Rake
  • Seeds, herbs or another ground cover
  • Garden soil


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