How to Grow Bald Cypress Trees


Few trees grow as tall as 150 feet. The bald cypress grows between 100 and 150 feet in some locations. This tree develops a flat area on top at the time of maturity. Native to wetland climates, the bald cypress grows well along rivers and streams. The bald cypress grows rapidly, making it a useful variety for windbreaks and fuel purposes. Choose a bald cypress to add height and interest to your landscape.

Step 1

Select the best location for planting your bald cypress trees. Choose an area that allows plenty of room for future growth. Avoid planting bald cypress trees under power lines and over buried plumbing or wiring. Do not plant bald cypress right next to a house or other permanent structures. Although bald cypress trees prefer moist conditions, avoid low areas that retain moisture for long periods. Cypress trees suffer in areas that experience complete submersion.

Step 2

Prepare the soil for your cypress trees. In their natural habitat, cypress trees prefer well-drained soil near areas of running water. However, these hardy trees tolerate many soil conditions, including clay and sand. Avoid planting cypress in soil high in alkalinity. If you are unsure of your soil composition, perform a soil test. These are available at garden supply centers and university extension offices. Incorporate any ingredients recommended by the soil test results. Loosen the soil with a garden shovel to encourage root growth.

Step 3

Plant your seedlings as soon after delivery as possible. When planting many trees at one time, place them in the shade until you are ready to place each one in its prepared hole. Dig a hole wide enough to allow bare roots to fit loosely inside. Place the cypress seedling in a vertical position. Hold the root collar level with the ground surface and fill in soil around roots. Lightly pack down soil to remove any air pockets.

Step 4

Water your bald cypress trees. Keep the soil slightly moist during the first couple of years to ensure healthy growth. Apply mulch near the base of the trees during arid periods to assist in moisture retention. Keep weeds away from small seedlings during the early months of establishment.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid planting tree seedlings in areas prone to strong winds.

Things You'll Need

  • Soil test kit
  • Garden shovel
  • Bald cypress seedlings


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