How to Plant Grass in the Winter


Grass seeding in the winter, sometimes referred to as "dormant seeding" is a unique way of planting a lawn or over-seeding it. When you seed your lawn in the spring and summer months, you must provide a perfect environment to get the seeds to germinate and grow. With dormant seeding, you are seeding as nature intended to---using the moisture provided from winter's melting snow and the warmth of spring sunshine. This means it is fairly easy to plant grass in the winter.

Step 1

Rake the seedbed to remove debris and rocks. Raking will also prepare the seedbed to receive the grass seed.

Step 2

Wait until the ground is frozen. You don't want to plant the grass seed when it can still germinate, because the new seedlings will quickly freeze to death with the onslaught of winter.

Step 3

Fill your broadcast spreader with grass seed. Set the dial to the recommended seeding rate listed on the grass seed packaging. Spread the grass seed with the broadcast spreader, walking back and forth in parallel paths to ensure even coverage.

Step 4

Fill the broadcast spreader with a starter fertilizer. Set the dial to the recommended rate and spread over the seedbed.

Step 5

Wait until spring. As the ground warms, the grass seed should germinate.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Broadcast spreader
  • Grass seed
  • Starter fertilizer


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