How to Make Your Own Wall Planters


Wall planters are boxes made from materials such as wood, terra cotta, plastic, metal, tile or fiberglass, filled with soil, flowers and foliage and mounted to a wall. These add color to a particular spot, specially when the flowers are in bloom, and add interest at varying levels. Hang these above your front door or window, or even directly on any wall to enjoy a form of container gardening that is easy to manage and maintain. Make a wall planter yourself to save up on additional costs.

Step 1

Measure the particular spot on any wall where you want to mount the planter, so you can determine the planter size and shape, and whether it will complement the surrounding. Step back to visualize how a planter filled with mature flowers will look on that spot so you can make any height adjustments accordingly.

Step 2

Cut your ¾-inch cedar plywood sheet with a saw into five identical pieces for a square planter. A rectangular planter, however, requires two identical lengths for the front and back, two identical short lengths for the sides, and a base length as wide as the sides but equal in length to the front and back. Sand the edges of all the lengths to make them smooth.

Step 3

Lay the base in front of you on your worktable. Drill three rows of ½-to ¾-inch drainage holes into it, spaced evenly apart. Space the holes up to 8 inches apart. Sand the surface around the holes, on both sides of the base, to make them smooth.

Step 4

Hold the front piece flush against the long edge of the base, ensuring it is aligned and even, and drill it into place with woodscrews. Hold the back piece against the other long edge of the base; making sure the joint is flush. Align its top so it is in level with that of the front piece and drill it into place with woodscrews. Your wall planter now has two long sides.

Step 5

Lower a sidepiece in its place, aligning it over the base, and against the short edges of the front and back so the joints are all flush and the tops are even. Drill it into place with woodscrews that penetrate the edges of the front and back as well as the short edge of the base piece. Repeat the process to attach the second short side into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • ¾-inch cedar plywood sheet
  • Sandpaper
  • Protective eyeglasses
  • Drilling machine
  • Woodscrews


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