Perennial House Plants

House plants are a healthy and economical way to brighten up the indoors. They add a cozy feeling and a fresh touch of nature to any room, whether that room is a living room in a house or an office in a business. Perennial house plants are also a good investment. With proper care, they will continue to grow season after season.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese evergreens are hardy houseplants. They are tolerant of low light levels, although they do prefer soil rich in hummus. There are several different species of Chinese evergreens, some of which have variegated leaves of cream and green. This perennial house plant will thrive for years with only basic care.

Mother-in-Law Plant (Calidium bicolor)

C. bicolor is an annual when grown outdoors in most locations. When kept indoors and protected from cold temperatures, it becomes a perennial, continuing to live and bloom year after year. Calidiums features large leaves that are heart-shaped, and many are variegated as well. The species "Freida Hemple", for example, features leaves with bright red centers edged in green. These indoor plants do well in low-light conditions.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are popular with indoor gardeners. They feature long (up to two feet), slender leaves that are either solid green or have thin, cream-colored stripes. Spider plants are very attractive in hanging baskets and will produce plantlets at the end of long stems, which often extend past the leaves. These perennials prefer bright light and soil that is allowed to dry out between waterings.

Baby Cylclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium)

Baby cyclamen (Clamen hederifolium) is often given as a gift plant for Mother's Day and other special occasions. The colorful, patterned flowers have a pleasing scent and grow straight out of the soil, followed later by the silver or cream and green leaves. The flowers, which are pink and white and vaguely resemble a bird in flight, can bloom for up to two months. When the flowers fade, the thick mound of leaves remains visually pleasing.

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