How to Dye Flowers


There are more than 200,000 types of flowering plants on the planet, with colors that range all over the spectrum, but some flower species only produce a limited variety of color. Unusually colored flowers found in florist shops for weddings and special occasions are usually dyed flowers. For example, the widely popular blue rose is actually a white rose that has been dyed. Dying flowers at home isn't a difficult process, and the materials needed can be found in your kitchen.

Step 1

Fill a vase about half full with clean water.

Step 2

Administer approximately 30 to 40 drops of food coloring into the vase of water for every 2 cups of water contained within the vase. Add more food coloring if you want to achieve a deep, vibrant color in your flowers.

Step 3

Gather the roses in your hand with the stems pointing downward. Cut across the bottom 2 inches of the stems diagonally with the scissors. The rose stems will be pointed.

Step 4

Place the roses, stem first, into the vase of colored water.

Step 5

Allow the roses to sit in the water for approximately 24 hours in a cool place. Within 24 hours, the vein system of the flower's stem will have sucked the colored water through, dispersing the dye throughout the flower's petals, resulting in a dyed flower.

Things You'll Need

  • White roses
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Food-grade dye (any color)


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