How to Make a Carnation Lei


A lei, which is Hawaiian for garland, is ordinarily draped around one's neck during a greeting, or as a sign of affection. A lei can be practically any item strung together, but usually the items strung together to form a lei are flowers. Making your own lei of flowers from fresh carnations is a simple process that can be completed at home with just a few items in under an hour.

Step 1

Remove the stems and hips of the carnations with the scissors. Make sure not to remove the entire hip of the carnation, to keep the flower from falling apart. Leave about 1/4 inch of hip protruding from the flower's base.

Step 2

Arrange the carnation blooms in front of you in a pattern by which they will be strung. Alternate colors to give the lei a balanced and attractive look.

Step 3

Thread the embroidery needle like you would thread a sewing needle for when you're sewing something by hand.

Step 4

Push the tip of the threaded needle through one side of the cut flower hip, easing it horizontally through the other side of the hip. Slide the carnation bloom gently down the thread until it meets the knotted end.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until all of the carnation blooms have been strung with the embroidery needle.

Step 6

Snip the needle from the end of the garland, and then tie the loose ends of it together firmly. Make an additional two or three knots to make sure it doesn't slip apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors


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