How to Take Care of a Dying Bamboo Plant


Bamboos are highly coveted plants because they require little maintenance and grow fast. They represent strength and are considered to be good luck charms. Bamboo is so hardy that it thrives in spaces with little or no light. However, it is possible to kill a bamboo plant. There are several possibilities to revive a dying bamboo plant.

Step 1

Move the bamboo plant out of the sun if it is turning yellow or you notice burning or browning on the tips of the leaves.

Step 2

Keep the soil moist if the bamboo plant is growing in dirt, as opposed to just water. Stick a finger in the soil, all the way to the bottom, to make sure it's moist.

Step 3

Change the water when caring for a dying bamboo plant. Dump the old water every three to four weeks, rinse the roots and replace with fresh water.

Step 4

Supplementation is recommended. Add two to three drops of Green Green bamboo vitamins every time water is added or changed.

Step 5

Move the bamboo closer to the sunlight if it's turning pale or spindly. Feed it with diluted plant food, following the fertilizer's dosage instructions.

Step 6

Change the water right away and avoid feeding a bamboo for a few months if it appears to be dying right after it was purchased. It probably was over-fertilized.

Step 7

Place dying bamboo in a glass or pitcher of water if the plant has wrinkling leaves. Leave it in the water for three or four days. Submerge as much of it as possible, keeping the leaves above the water. Pull off any yellow leaves.

Step 8

Take the rocks out of the container if they have algae or moss growing on them. Put them in a strainer and clean and replace them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't fertilize bamboo plants every time you put in new water. Every two months is sufficient. A plant that has wrinkling leaves indicates that water isn't getting to the roots.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Fertilizer


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