The Effects of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a growing method that is soil-less and provides a wide range of benefits for avid gardeners. One can grow herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables in this manner, growing more crops in less space that can grow faster, healthier and larger than normal. It can also eliminate things such as damage from weather ailments and insects. There are also other effects, both positive to negative, to consider. Other effects differ with different hydroponic methods, so there are some basic outcomes of growing crops hydroponically to keep in mind.

Positive Effects

There are several positive effects when growing crops with hydroponics. Not only can they be simple to set up with minimal materials (for a small- to medium-sized system), but they can produce very nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is because the nutrient system is the only thing the crops have as the main source of food, so there aren't many other elements available for intake. Often, the size of a hydroponic crop is larger in comparison to those grown in regular soil. Hydroponic growth means that you can grow crops indoor or outdoors, which is a benefit if you live in a climate that gets arid, dry or very cold. Indoors, you can use artificial lighting for the system, so crops grow by their own life clock, regardless of the season or the time of the day.

Negative Effects

Because the negative effects are few, they tend to be overlooked. The main negative aspect of hydroponics is the lack of bacterial effect that applies to similar soil-grown vegetables. When bacteria latches onto a plant's roots, it can provide immune factors that pass on to whomever consumes the food. Thus, eating crops grown in regular soil might lead to immune boosting benefits.

Pest Elimination

Hydroponic gardening systems are also beneficial in eliminating pests and insect infestation. This means that the gardener doesn't have to worry about applying pesticides or herbicides for weeds. It is not a 100 percent guarantee that there won't be pests or weeds, but there is a distinct advantage.

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