Patio Tree Ideas

Create a vibrant patio scene using colorful trees. Planting a row or just one single tree updates the patio space and reinvents the overall look to the landscape. Trees are also an ideal way to bring in height and shade to the patio. With their bright autumn foliage and spring and summer blooms, you can have color and vibrancy throughout the entire year. Add a patio set among a weeping fig or crabapple and enjoy your meals al fresco.


Patios are a great spot for planting trees to add extra shade and keep the space cool. A redbud tree is a small deciduous tree that blooms a plethora of purple blossoms every spring. The flowers are long lasting and light up the branches with their small blooms, ideal for bringing in color to the patio. The redbud does not require a lot of water and does well in a wide range of soil types. Redbuds can be grown in full sun to part shade, making this tree perfect for shady or full sun patios. Its heart-shaped leaves turn yellow in the fall and are lovely planted in groupings around the landscape.

Flowering Crabapple

Another lovely spring bloomer is the crabapple. The flowers of this hardy tree start out pink and turn a gorgeous snow white. Flowering crabapples are very resistant to disease and have a prolific fall fruit display that can be used for decoration. Beginning in the fall, the fruit turns a glossy crimson color to eventually fade at winter's start. The flowering crabapple does not get gigantic, around 20 feet tall, and is a lovely patio tree to use for adding color to the space.

Strawberry Tree

Bring color to the patio beginning in the fall with a strawberry tree. The strawberry tree ranges in height from 8 to 35 feet. Compact varieties are also grown and only reach 5 to 8 feet tall, perfect for a smaller patio space. Its puffy red fruits against the dark evergreen leaves create a lovely contrast to the tree. The strawberry tree remains a vibrant green color all winter long and is a patio must when you crave a little color during the gray months of winter. Grow the strawberry tree in full sun to partial shade.

Japense Maple

Japanese maple trees are wider than they are tall and add a delicate and colorful design to any patio space. The unusual dissected leaves and mushroom-shaped form does a great job at draping over a patio to provide shade. The weeping form is typically 7 to 10 feet in height with vibrant autumn colors. The fiery foliage is green in the summer to create a lush look to the space. Japanese maples also have unusually colored bark that ranges from green to orange and even pink.

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