How to Transplant Silverado Sage


Gardeners living in hot and dry climates often include Silverado sage in home landscapes. Silverado sage is a drought-resistant perennial shrub that prefers a planting location in full sun. The violet blossoms and silvery foliage of this shrub attract birds, butterflies and bees during its extended bloom time. Transplant a Silverado sage in the early spring before the shrub breaks dormancy.

Step 1

Prepare the new growing area in a sunny location. Cultivate the soil with the garden spade to loosen it before planting. Add 2 inches of compost to the soil to improve drainage, if necessary.

Step 2

Dig a hole for the Silverado sage. Make the hole approximately two times deeper and wider than the roots of the shrub.

Step 3

Remove the Silverado shrub from the soil. Place the tip of the shovel into the soil approximately 1 foot away from the outside edge of the shrub. Dig around the entire shrub, digging deep enough to dig beneath the roots and remove the shrub without disturbing the roots.

Step 4

Lift the shrub from the soil and place it into the wheelbarrow. Transport the shrub to the new planting location.

Step 5

Place the shrub into the hole, carefully arranging the roots in the hole and making sure the plant will be at the same depth as it was growing previously. Fill the soil in around the roots of the Silverado sage plant. Tamp down the soil firmly around the shrub with your hands.

Step 6

Provide water for the Silverado shrub until the soil surrounding the shrub is saturated.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden spade
  • Compost (optional)
  • Silverado sage shrub
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow


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