Front Landscaping Ideas

A front yard is like an accessory to a home. It helps accent the house with pizazz and creates an overall well-balanced design. Spicing up the front yard also updates the look of the landscape and beckons you outdoors. For color and texture to the front space, plant shrubs and flowers in various heights and colors. Space them around the front yard to create a warm welcome. If you have an existing front yard path, line it with blooms and solar lights to create a well-lit and magical glow to your home.

Perennial Garden

Front yard landscaping is key to creating an inviting and colorful design to your home. Perennials are the answer for a long-lasting look to the yard, bringing bright blooms to the space all year. For small yards, mix dwarf trees along the back and side of the yard to help define the space. Throughout the yard, plant hardy perennial blooms like coneflowers, coreopsis, daisies and ornamental grasses. These perennials are all drought-resistant and extremely tough. Perennials bring in color to the front yard and by mixing different heights and widths, they create a well-rounded design. Plant annuals in front of the perennial garden and in containers flanking a front door or down the front steps for a colorful design. Each season, change flowers in the containers for a fresh new look.

Paved Path

Instead of a typical green lawn that requires loads of water, opt for a less fussy stone path that covers the front yard. Paths are an ideal way to create a dramatic and inviting entryway. They can be created in small or large yards, and with a wide range of stone types such as slate, pavers, flagstone or brick. In between each stone, plant sod or a fragrant ground cover like thyme. The contrasting green plant creates a design that defines the path and adds visual interest to the space. For color along the path, plant low-water plants that give the front yard appeal and vibrancy.

Cool Courtyard

Create a cool courtyard in the front yard. Courtyards can be designed around flat stones like slate or soft multi-colored pebbles. A round courtyard design is the classic shape, but any shape works, even a square. Work with the current shape of the front yard to create your own design. Inside the courtyard, a water feature creates a focal point for the space and draws your eye into the garden. Many types of fountains are appropriate, depending on the size of the front yard. To create a contrasting element, install a colorful fountain. For a more subdued and subtle design, choose an earth-colored water feature. Earth colors like browns, beiges and tans blend in with the courtyard for a seamless design.

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