Ideas for Prom Flowers

The prom can be the highlight of the high school experience. It is a prom tradition that the girl wears a corsage on her dress or wrist or holds a small bouquet, called a nosegay, in her hand. Fresh flowers used to make those floral items must look good for eight hours or longer while the stems are not in water. Also, the flowers should be durable and resistant to heat because they are held or worn close to the body. Prom corsages should not be too large and overwhelm or so small they cannot be seen in a photograph.


Although regular-sized hybrid tea roses are popular with corsage work, the mini, spray or sweetheart rose is preferred for prom corsages and nosegays. This is because of the small size and delicate appearance. They are available in a variety of feminine pastel shades to match almost any dress color or ribbon.


Orchids are a very popular flower for prom. There are several florist varieties available, with some having large bold flowers and others having smaller delicate flowers. Orchid flower colors range from bright purple and red to pink and green pastel shades. Orchids are usually the most expensive flower to purchase for a corsage, but the waxy flowers are the longest lasting.


Chrysanthemums are also known as daisies in the florist trade and can be used in a prom corsage. They are a long-lasting cut flower and add a carefree and springlike look to a corsage. Chrysanthemums are available in a wide range of colors but can be tinted or dyed by a florist to more closely match a particular dress or outfit. Chrysanthemums are one of the least expensive cut flowers.

Mini Carnations

Mini carnations are miniature versions of the large carnations available in the florist trade. They have a delicate spicy fragrance and are a long-lasting corsage flower. Mini carnations are available in the widest variety of colors of any cut flower but can be professionally tinted by a florist. They can be used to add bulk to a corsage and lower cost. For example, the florist might use three mini roses and four mini carnations of the same color rather than seven mini roses, which would make a more expensive corsage. Mini carnations are inexpensive cut flowers.

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