Garden Crafts for Kids

Garden crafts for kids can include simple projects, such as pressing flowers, painting clay pots and creating plant stakes. Older kids may enjoy a more complex project, like homemade wind chimes. Teach your children to enhance a garden with decorative art and to create art from plants and flowers.

Pressed Botanical Art

Pressing flowers is a simple craft project that requires patience, so you may wish to press the flowers and foliage before the kids get involved. It takes about two weeks to adequately press flowers and greenery. Pansies and ferns are good candidates for pressing, as the blossoms and stems may be easily flattened. Once the botanicals have been pressed, the kids can decoupage them onto an artist's canvas with decoupage glue to create wall art. An arrangement of pressed flowers and foliage glued to painted cardboard may be inserted into a picture frame. Kids can also sandwich the pressed botanicals between two acrylic sheets and cut it to shape for a book mark.

Decorated Flower Pots

Another craft project young children can make for the garden is decorated terra cotta flower pots. Acrylic paints, stamps and mosaic tiles can all be used to embellish the plain flower pots. Make sure that children use waterproof adhesive for garden flower pots.

Stepping Stones

Kids young and old enjoy making stepping stones for the garden. Use the bottom half of a plastic milk carton as a mold and colorful flat-backed stones and tiles to create designs.

Plant Identification Tags

Children can make plant identification tags from metal foil and wire to stand in the garden. Use a stylus to emboss the metal foil with names of the plants, or use a paint pen. Craft 20-gauge wire into a small shepherd's hook so that name tags can hang freely.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a way to express creativity and add whimsy to the garden. Older children can make wind chimes from old silverware, sea shells, beads, craft bells, crystals and a myriad of other small objects. Fishing line is a good choice for threading the objects and a craft ring makes a simple header.

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