What Plants Keep Bugs Out of Gardens?

After spending hours caring for your garden, you want to protect your plants---and not find the petals full of holes, the leaves shriveled and small bugs flying around. Bugs are the bane of every gardener. They are constant pests that can kill an entire garden and spread diseases. While many chemical pesticides deal with these pests, organic gardening requires a little more creativity.


Yarrow is a hardy plant that makes excellent ground cover. This plant produces floral colors ranging from red to gold and spreads primarily through runners. Yarrow is known in the garden for its ability to attract predatory bugs, and where predatory bugs exist, no harmful bugs are found. Yarrow attracts hover flies, lady beetles and parasitic wasps.


Marigolds are hardy annual plants with blooms in orange, yellow, pink and white. Marigolds have a strong odor, infamous for keeping bugs out of the garden. Marigolds are known to repel Colorado potato beetles, root nematodes, Mexican bean beetles and aphids. Marigolds are also used in herbal medicine for their ability to disinfect and encourage healing. Their medicinal name is calendula.


Useful for repelling bugs and eating, dill makes an excellent herbal additional to gardens. Dill originated in the Mediterranean and Southern Russian regions, and is widely used in those regions today. Known for its bitter odor and even more bitter taste, dill attracts aphid predators. So for those with rose gardens, dill should be the first line of defense.

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