How to Grow a Jade Tree


Jade plants are long-lived, woody plants that can be grown indoors in containers. They look like miniature trees or bonsai specimens, with stems that look like branches and round, fleshy leaves. Jades grow to up to 5 feet when potted and they can live for a long time. It's not difficult to grow jade trees. They can be started first from stem cuttings, then later from cuttings or leaves.

Step 1

Cut a 2- to 4-inch stem with leaves from a friend's jade plant if you are not buying one or have not been given a cutting. Either cut right above a leaf or back to the branch to which the stem is connected.

Step 2

Dry the cutting for a few days so the cut heals over a bit.

Step 3

Fill the pot with the growing medium.

Step 4

Stick the cutting into the medium so that it will stand upright.

Step 5

Place the jade in a sunny spot. Jades need at least four hours of sun every day.

Step 6

Water sparingly, spraying the medium only so that it stays barely moist.

Step 7

Repot the plant in soil if it was started with some other growing medium. Don't water it until the soil dries out. Do this only after the jade has become established.

Step 8

Water the plant about once a week in spring and summer, but don't water until the soil is dry. Water about once per month in the winter.

Step 9

Fertilize established plants about once every quarter while the plant is in its growing phase.

Things You'll Need

  • Jade plant or 2- to 4-inch stem cutting from a plant
  • Sharp knife or small pruning shears (optional)
  • Small clay pot, plus one more if not using potting soil (optional)
  • Growing medium such as potting soil, washed sand, perlite or vermiculite (optional)
  • Misting spray bottle filled with water
  • Houseplant fertilizer


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Who Can Help

  • NDSU Extension Service: Questions on Jade Plants
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