How to Care for Nobile Dendrobium Orchid


The Dendrobium genus includes over one thousand orchid species. These orchids are epiphytes, meaning that in their native habitat they attach themselves to, and live independently of, trees. Nobile is a hybrid of the Dendrobium phalaenopsis and, although they are cared for quite similarly, Nobile has a few very specific requirements. Nobile dendrobium orchids are deciduous, so don't be frightened when yours loses all of its leaves in the winter.

Step 1

Plant your nobile Dendrobium orchid in orchid bark. These orchids like to be pot-bound, so a small pot is perfectly fine.

Step 2

Place your orchid outdoors in the fall. The cooler temperatures will prompt it to set its buds. Make sure you bring it back indoors prior to the onset of frost, and place it in a cool area, such as an unheated room, until the buds begin to form, then bring it into a normal room temperature. During the remainder of the year your orchid will thrive in any temperature between 65 and 80 degrees F, although it prefers cooler temperatures.

Step 3

Give your Nobile orchid lots of bright light in the fall and winter, but reduced light in the spring and summer. This can be accomplished by moving the plant closer to a window for more light and further away for less light. At no time should the plant be in the shade, but filtered sunlight in the spring and summer is ideal.

Step 4

Water the orchid, as soon as new growth appears in the spring, every three days if it is in a 3-inch pot, every five days if it is in a 4-inch pot and every seven days if it is in a 6-inch pot. Once fall arrives, cut back to watering it once a week.

Step 5

Fertilizer your Nobile orchid once a month by adding 1 tsp. of liquid orchid fertilizer to one gallon of water. In spring, as soon as you see new growth, increase the frequency to every two weeks and then withhold fertilizer completely in the fall, while the orchid is dormant.

Things You'll Need

  • Orchid bark
  • Water-soluble liquid orchid fertilizer


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