How to Make Hanging Pails for Growing Plants


Many annual flowers and some perennials are well-suited for hanging baskets. The baskets are hung near patios and entryways or from other support structures in the landscape. You can make your own hanging baskets that have a decorative element of their own from standard buckets and pails. Use children's colorful plastic sand pails or old metal pails for the baskets. It takes minimal skill and only a little time to convert them into hanging planters.

Step 1

Drill four ½ inch holes in the bottom of the pail, spacing each hole equally apart. Use a drill bit made for metal if you are drilling in a metal pail to avoid damage or injury from broken bits.

Step 2

Fill the pail with a quality potting mix. Moisten the mix thoroughly prior to planting by watering it until the excess moisture begins draining from the bottom drainage holes.

Step 3

Plant the desired flower plants in the soil. Plant them at the same depth they were at in their nursery pots then lightly firm the soil around them with your hands.

Step 4

Install a hanger hook in the location where you want to hang your pail planter. Loop the handle over the hook to hang the basket.

Tips and Warnings

  • When using a drill, always wear safety goggles and gloves. Work in an area where metal or plastic shavings can easily be swept up.

Things You'll Need

  • Pails of your choice, with handles
  • Drill
  • Potting soil
  • Bedding plants
  • Hook


  • Purdue Cooperative Extension Service: Hanging Baskets
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