How to Propagate Kniphofia Pfitzeri Hybrid Plant Seeds


Pfitzeri, a cultivar of the uvaria species of Kniphofia, is a close relative of aloe. Plants in the Kniphofia genus are also known as torch lilies, and this particular variety is nicknamed the "red hot poker." Noted for its flowers, this Pfitzeri cultivar blooms in warm shades of red, yellow, and orange atop 2-foot tall spikes. Pfitzeri attracts butterflies to the garden, and this perennial plant is hardy to USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 through 10. Propagate Kniphofia Pfitzeri hybrid plant seeds indoors before moving them outside in mid-spring.

Step 1

Moisten enough peat moss to completely envelop the seeds. Place the seeds inside the peat moss and place the bundle in a plastic container with a lid, or a plastic sandwich bag that seals. Place this in the refrigerator and allow it to remain there for six weeks.

Step 2

Pour seeding mix into a seeding tray to within 1/4 inch of the top. Completely moisten the soil with water, allowing the excess water to drain from the bottom of the tray.

Step 3

Sow the seeds lightly on top of the soil and lightly rake them in with your fingers.

Step 4

Place the seeding tray on a heat mat, set to 75 degrees F. Lower the temperature on the heat mat in the evenings to 65 degrees F and raise it again during the day to 75 degrees F. When seedlings appear, remove the tray from the heat mat.

Step 5

Place the tray in a sunny location until the seedlings have reached 4 inches in height. At 4 inches, they are ready for planting in the garden. Space them 3 feet apart when planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Plastic container or plastic sandwich bag
  • Seeding mix
  • Seeding tray
  • Heat mat


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