North Carolina Perennial Flowers

Native to North Carolina are 4,000 plant species, and 162 of these plants are threatened or endangered. The North Carolina Native Plant Society encourages the creation of native plant habitats in an effort to help save the state's native species. Although the more rare plants aren't suitable for your home garden, many North Carolina perennials will do quite well.

Dragon's Mouth

Because Arethusa bulbosa grows in mountain bogs, this plant is sometimes called the bog rose. This is a perennial plant, in the orchid family, with flowers that bloom in shades of rose and lavender. Dragon's mouth has a very short blooming period: June 1 to July 10. Plant collectors have destroyed many populations of the dragon's mouth, and it is currently listed as endangered in North Carolina.

Purple Coneflower

Botanists call this plant Echinacea purpureaa. A popular perennial in North Carolina gardens, purple coneflower doesn't occur in the wild very often, due to habitat destruction. This sun-loving plant blooms in purple flowers with dark orange centers from June to August. If you are interested in growing the purple coneflower in your garden, just find it a sunny spot, throw some seeds in the ground and watch it grow. It is a drought-tolerant and very hardy plant.

White Bergamot

You may see this plant referred to by its scientific name: Monarda clinopodia. This perennial wildflower, a member of the mint family, generally grows in the mountains but will also grow in the Piedmont. Reaching a height of 3 feet, white bergamot blooms in the spring with white to off-white small, fringed flowers.

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