Small Bulb Flowers

Bulb flowers are popular for their ease of care and lovely form. Many bulb flowers are perennials, blooming year after year without having to be dug up and stored or divided. Small bulb flowers are usually dwarf or miniature versions of standard-sized bulb flowers, such as dwarf lilies or daffodils. These small bulbs look especially delicate and pretty in containers.


Crocus are probably the most popular of all small bulb flowers. These small, cheerful plants are one of the earliest harbingers of spring, often poking their buds above the soil while it is still covered with snow. Most varieties have a maximum height of only 3 inches. Fifty species of crocus exist, and they are hardy in USDA growing zones 3-8.

Winter Aconite

Winter aconite naturalizes, or spreads, very easily. This small, hardy bulb features yellow flowers that are surrounded by attractively ruffled green leaves. Winter aconite only grows to 3 inches tall and is one of the first blooming flowers of the season, often blooming even in mid-winter. Winter aconite thrives in full sun. Unfortunately, the plant is quite poisonous and is not suitable for landscapes with small children or pets.

Dwarf Iris

Dwarf irises are miniature versions of iris flowers. Most grow to between 4 and 6 inches tall. Some have solid colors, such as Iris danfordiae, which features sunny yellow flowers and is 4 inches tall. Others have variegated petals. Iris reticulata "George" has flowers that are purple, yellow and white. Dwarf irises will thrive even in the shady areas of your garden.

Grape Hyacinth

These small bulb flowers only grow up to 4 inches tall, but their brilliant blue blooms and sweet fragrance make sure the grape hyacinth gets noticed. They make a beautiful visual statement when planted in clusters and will grow in full sun or dappled shade. The grape hyacinth is very hardy and will thrive even in climates as cold as USDA growing zone 2.


Narcissus are dwarf varieties of daffodils. There are many types of narcissus, from the "Tete a Tete", which features 6 inch tall stems topped with multiple, tiny daffodil heads to "Topolino", which has white petals surrounding a bright yellow trumpet. Narcissus bulbs will grow in full sun or partial shade.

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