How to Attach Wire onto Flowers in Corsages


Flowers Floral wire Scissor or wire-cutters Floral tape

Step 1

Find the receptacle on each flower you plan to use for your corsage. The swollen joint between stem and petals is called the receptacle. Small leaves below, above or around the receptacle are called sepals; leave them in place. You will be threading wire through the receptacle, to hold flower and stem together and to strengthen the stem for handling while you make the corsage. Note that some flowers, like orchids, lack receptacles for this technique (see References for special instructions).

Step 2

Cut flower stems twice as long as you want for your corsage. Cut a length of wire twice as long as each stem. That means, if you have a flower with a 4-inch stem, you need an 8-inch length of wire. Some experts trim flower stems shorter before wiring, but longer stems make it easier for you to learn the technique.

Step 3

Hold the flower, bloom down, with your fingers on each side of the receptacle. Poke the wire through the center of the receptacle and pull it through to half its length. You should now have two 4-inch lengths of wire, on opposite sides of a 4-inch stem. Bend the wires, cross them and twist them together (one twist) at the base of the receptacle. Gently twist each length of wire in a spiral down the length of the stem.

Step 4

Cut a 6-inch length of floral tape. Wrap one end twice around the receptacle and wire twist, then cover the rest of the stem and wires, spiraling the tape down the stem, overlapping layers.

Step 5

Clip all ends--stem, wire, and tape--to the shorter length you will need to assemble your corsage. (If you are new to making corsages, you can do your final clipping after you have arranged and secured your flowers with more wire and tape.)

Things You'll Need

  • Making corsages at home is a festive and economical way to enhance a celebration. Many flowers are more easily positioned in a corsage and less subject to damage if their stems are wired before making the corsage. Wiring techniques are easy to learn and require only simple equipment. Make your own unique corsages by learning how to attach floral wire to blooms.


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