How to Dry And Press Pansy Flowers


When pansies are blooming in full force in your flower beds, their sunny, cheery little faces are the delight of many gardeners. Preserve your cheerful pansies and use these beautiful blossoms in paper crafts by drying and pressing pansy flowers. Since pansies have relatively flat blooms to begin with, they are ideal for pressing flat. After you press pansies, you can see the intricate detail of the blossoms on the fragile petals.

Step 1

Cut pansy blooms from the plants early in the day. Choose blossoms at peak bloom with no imperfections. Clip the blooms from the stems at the point where they join--leave no stems protruding from the blossoms.

Step 2

Open the heavy book to a middle page and lay the book flat. Place a paper towel on one of the open pages.

Step 3

Arrange the pansies on the paper towel, filling the paper towel with as many pansies as possible. Do not allow the pansy blooms to touch each other.

Step 4

Place a second paper towel over the pansies. Close the book slowly to ensure the pansies do not shift on the paper towels as you close the pages.

Step 5

Open the book to another page that is still toward the center of the book and repeat steps three and four if you have more pansies to press.

Step 6

Place the heavy book in a warm and dry location. Check the pansies after approximately two weeks to assess their dryness. Pansies are dry when the petals feel like thin paper. They may take up to six weeks to dry completely.

Step 7

Remove the pansies you wish to use. Leave the other pansies in the book until you need them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use utmost care when you handle the dried pansies. The petals are very fragile.

Things You'll Need

  • Pansy flowers
  • Pruning shears
  • Paper towels
  • Heavy books


  • Beautiful Botany: Preserving Pansies
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