How to Dry Flowers in Borax


Dried flowers add a touch of elegance to homemade crafts, whether it be in a scrapbook or framed petal collage. The simplest way to dry flowers is to let them hang and air dry. Although this method is effective, the flowers can lose much of their color, leaving them dull and not as attractive as they once were. You can prevent this from occurring and even speed up the drying time by using borax as a drying agent.

Step 1

Choose a container with a lid that is big enough to hold your flowers. The container can be made of any material, so a shoebox or plastic kitchenware will work.

Step 2

Mix equal parts of borax and cornmeal in a separate bowl. Make enough of the mixture to fill the drying container at least half full. The amount of each ingredient depends on the size of your container.

Step 3

Add a teaspoon of uniodized salt for each quart of the borax-cornmeal mixture. The salt will help retain the flowers' color.

Step 4

Fill the bottom of the drying container with the borax mixture, but save enough so that you can cover the flowers with it.

Step 5

Place the flowers face down on the mixture. Do not let any of the flowers touch each other, as it may cause them to stick. Cover the flowers with the remaining borax mixture.

Step 6

Put the lid on the container and set it in a warm, dry place. Let it sit for one to two weeks until the flowers are dry. The petals should be completely dry and firm when you remove them.

Things You'll Need

  • Container with lid
  • Cornmeal
  • Bowl
  • Uniodized salt


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