How to Treat Grass Burn Marks


Lawn marks from a pet's urine can damage grass and make it unsightly. Female dogs cause the worst burn marks in the lawn because, unlike males who mark their territory all over the lawn, females tend to urinate in one place, causing excessive accumulation of nitrogen. Treating urine marks is necessary to heal the yellow and dying spots.

Step 1

Water the affected areas to help dilute the nitrogen. Hose the area with water even many hours after your dog has urinated there. Apply three times as much water as urine.

Step 2

Dig up patches of the affected grass with a shovel, making sure to remove the roots, too. Dispose of these materials. Water the site well and loosen at least 6 inches of soil.

Step 3

Replant the grass with seed or sod. Make sure the new grass variety is tough and specially resistant to lawn burn.

Step 4

Feritlize the newly seeded or sodded areas with a fertilizer that's light in nitrogen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for dosage.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose
  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • Lawn grass seeds or sod
  • Fertilizer


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