Potted Plants for Fall

Create your own stunning container gardens using fall-loving plants and flowers. Mix deep red fall colors with dark browns and purples for a truly elegant and contrasting container. Provide color to your front porch patio or backyard space using bright and bold blooms that change color through the season. Potted fall plants of various heights and textures nestled within your favorite pot become a bright focal point to enjoy.

Green and Brown

Bring fall to your landscape using a combination of green and purple fall plants. A low-growing juniper evergreen provides bright green foliage inside a fall container and is a hardy and long-lasting shrub. Along the back of the container, add the glossy shrub called Roy's red. This upright plant grows up to 4 feet in height and has purplish-black leaves that turn a brilliant red in the winter. Around the sides, add clumps of black mondo grass to drape over the sides of the container with their hair-like foliage.

Red Accents

Bring in a fragrant cedar tree to your garden pots for an elegant and interesting fall container design. The atlas cedar, a dwarf cedar tree, twists and drapes to create a visually appealing fall container. Along the front of the atlas tree, bring in accents of red with a cotoneaster berry plant. The small berries line an upright stem that brings color to your outdoor landscape. Another perfect fall plant is the little John azalea. The bronze and red leaves provide a rich accent to the green atlas and are a fall must.

Bright Colors

Potted coleus plants are an ideal plant to use for fall. This hardy fall season plant adds bright bursts of colors in reds and greens throughout the space. Coleus look lovely nestled within a pot and change colors through the fall. The Alabama sunset coleus starts out a bright lime green and quickly turns a reddish-pink for a fresh look to the pot. Alongside a coleus plant, grow the fall-loving blue aster. This gorgeous plant has long-lasting color and produces an abundance of blue blooms.

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