Perennial Shade Loving Flowers

Growing and maintaining a beautiful and long-lasting garden is a rewarding experience, and aside from planting annuals, which require yearly replanting, perennial gardens can be enjoyed with a fraction of the maintenance. Perennials, unlike annuals, only require one planting, as they come back year after year. Perennials are wonderful choices for shaded parts of your garden landscape, and there are several varieties to keep any gardener interested.


Arisaema, or cobra lilies, are shade-loving perennials that require plenty of warmth and humus-rich soil prepared with peat moss and compost. For gardeners in a temperate climate zone who wish to cultivate this beautiful perennial, the Jack in the pulpit variety of arisaema is an excellent choice. The plant produces a long, thick green stem and a remarkable bloom that gives the flower its serpent-like nickname. Colors of the arisaema flower range from white to vibrant blue and virtually every color in between. Some hybridizations of the plant appear to be bronze and incandescent.


Many varieties of mountain and clumping bamboos thrive and prefer moist soils with partial to full shade. Khasia bamboo is an excellent choice for shaded parts of a home landscape, especially areas close to stone walls or heavily shaded garden trellises. This variety of bamboo is deep green with climbing vines that reach up to 12 feet. A hardy perennial, Khasia bamboo can outlast freezing temperatures and grow to the point of needing pruning in the warmer seasons. Plant from seedling in moist, peat-enriched soil. Keep the soil moist at all times, but not wet.

Rue Anemone

Rue anemone is a shade-thriving perennial that produces small blooms, which range from white to pink and lilac. The plant itself is small and bush-like with deep green foliage that is tolerant against early frosts and high winds. It blooms throughout spring in temperate climates, but doesn't do well in heat and sunlight. The soil in which rue anemone grows should be enriched with sphagnum moss, kitchen compost and earth worms to produce nutritious fertilizers for the plant's growth.

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