The Best Fast-Growing Trees to Camouflage the House Behind Us

The best fast-growing trees to hide the house behind you or to create a dense, natural fence should be evergreen. Fast-growing deciduous trees lose their leaves and will camouflage the house only during part of the year, while evergreens will keep their foliage year-round for ultimate privacy.

Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giants are one of the fastest growing types of evergreen trees available. Their growth rates average 5 feet per year after the tree becomes established. Thuja Green Giant trees resist insects and disease and are drought tolerant. Planted in a row, mature trees reach a height of 50 feet with a spread of 5 feet. These majestic beauties are hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 8 and have thick, compact foliage that covers the tree from the ground up. To create a quick privacy screen for camouflage, plant Thuja Green Giant trees 5 to 6 feet apart.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress trees are fast growing and work well to create a natural fence line. This evergreen beauty has foliage from the ground up to create a dense border. If you plant Leyland cypress in full sun and soil with good drainage, growth rates can average 3 feet each year. Mature Leyland cypress trees can reach a height of 60 to 70 feet with a spread of 15 to 25 feet. Plant young tress side by side in a row and in a few years, the house behind you will no longer be visible. Leyland cypress trees are hardy in Zones 6 through 10 and have blue-green foliage.

American Holly

American holly, fast growing with dense foliage, creates a thick, tall evergreen hedge that will hide the house behind you. Mature trees can grow to heights in excess of 20 feet with spreads that reach up to 6 feet. American holly trees grow best in an area with full to partial sun in moist or well-drained soil. These trees are hardy in Zones 5 through 9 and produce creamy white flowers in the spring.


Bamboo is an evergreen tree that is also the fastest-growing plant on earth. There are more than 700 types of running bamboo that will function as camouflage. Golden bamboo is a popular choice; it grows up to 2 inches in diameter and more than 30 feet tall. Though not as dense as other evergreens, a stand of bamboo trees will create a living fence faster than any other cultivar.

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