How to Arrange Flowers in Vase


There is no need to spend a fortune at the florist for a flower arrangement when you can use those garden fresh flowers you have grown and a simple vase to display them in. Arranging flowers in a vase can be as elaborate or basic as you wish, and is as simple as choosing which flowers to use and what vase to arrange them in. Whether making a tall, elegant arrangement or a small, simple bouquet, you will be able to arrange flowers in a vase with relative ease and little expense.

Step 1

Pick out a vase to use for your flower arrangement. Consider the proportion of the vase to the type of flowers you will be using and the area in which it will be displayed. You don't want to use a large vase for smaller flowers, which will create a skimpy arrangement, or place a small vase on a large table, which will look out of place. Keep the vase simple to avoid diminishing the beauty of the flowers, which can happen if your vase has a busy pattern.

Step 2

Prepare the flowers you are going to use ahead of time to help preserve their life in your arrangement. Cut them the day before you will use them and soak them in a bucket of water, kept in a cool, dark place overnight, such as a garage or basement. Always cut the stems on an angle for best absorption of water. Remove the flowers from the bucket of water and cut off any leaves that will sit below the water line. Leaves left in the water will quickly rot and cloud the water.

Step 3

Place the arranged flowers in the vase, adding the taller flowers to the center of the vase first and placing shorter flowers around the outside edges. Arrange your flowers so the open flower heads are facing different directions. Cross the stems as you insert them into the vase to give additional support to the flowers. If necessary, you can crisscross floral tape across the vase opening, forming a grid in which to insert flowers and help keep them upright.

Step 4

Add filler flowers to the vase for additional fullness and depth. Filler flowers include baby's breath, feverfew, fern, Queen Anne's lace, heather and aster. Also use greenery as desired in your flower arrangement. For clear vases you might consider adding pebbles or glass marbles to the bottom of the vase for added color and elegance.

Step 5

Fill your vase with cold water and flower food as desired after the flowers have been arranged how you like. Use a watering can with a long spout to add water carefully into the vase. Fill to within 1 inch of the top edge of the vase. Empty and refill your water every few days or if it becomes cloudy. Remove any spent flowers to keep the flower arrangement looking fresh.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Flowers
  • Greenery (optional)
  • Floral tape (optional)
  • Pebbles or glass marbles (optional)


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