Flower Crafts for Kids

Transform fresh flowers from the garden into a variety of crafts. Allow children to choose their favorite flowers from the garden. While you're preparing to do the crafts, talk about the different parts of the flowers or how different flowers have different scents or petals. Flower crafts make welcomed gifts or items to decorate the home.

Pounded Flowers

Flower petals contain natural dies, released when the flowers are mashed. Pounding flowers is a technique of transferring the image of the flower onto fabric. Use unbleached muslin and arrange blossoms, face down on the fabric in a design of your choosing. Tape down the blossoms and cover with a sheet of white paper. Then pound them with a hammer, completely mashing the blossoms. Peel off the paper and tape and you'll see your design. Iron the design to set the dye. Frame the fabric or sew onto a garment.

Candle Holders

Flowers such as pansies and geraniums are easy to press between sheets of white paper. Use heavy books to weight the paper and press the flowers flat. In a week or less, the flowers will be dry. Use white glue thinned with a little water to adhere the flowers to the sides of glass votive containers. Cover the flowers with more glue and colored tissue paper. When the candle is lit, the light will shine through the flowers and paper.

Flower Chains

Flower chains are easy to make from almost any flower with a single blossom and a long stem such as daisies, clover or zinnias. Wear shorter chains as crowns, and longer chains as necklaces. Make a slit in the stem of each flower stem near the blossom. Slip in the stem of another flower. Twine the stems together as you work. Knot the stems when your chain is as long as you like.

Flower Card

Unlike greeting cards decorated with dried flowers, use fresh flowers to decorate a card. Fold a sheet of card stock or heavy paper in half. On the front of your card, arrange blossoms and leaves into a design. Make flower animals or people or a flower bouquet. Glue the parts down with white glue and allow to dry. Add ribbon or other trim. Write your message on the inside of the card.

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